5 Things to do Sunday, to Lose Weight All Week Long

1. Bag Healthy Snacks for the Week

Take some time on Sunday to pre-bag, chop and divide out healthy snacks for each day of the week. Cut up strawberries and apples to make Tupperware fruit cups, bag carrots and hummus, section out trail mix in zip lock bags, and create 100-calorie packs of pretzels. With all my snacks ready for the week you will have healthy options for every day when the cravings strike!


2. Plan Workouts for the Week

Create a weekly workout schedule. Write out exactly what workout you will do each day of the week, and try to plan something active for each day. On the weekends your active hour might be biking with a friend, or hiking with family. Sunday might be a long walk with your dog or yoga class with a friend. Schedule fun activities that will keep you active. Also, planning out your gym visits ahead of time will make sure you find the time and stick to your workouts.


3. Wash and Lay Out Workout Clothes

I always do laundry on the weekends, and then I like to set out workout clothes and pack my gym bag so everything is ready to go. It is so tempting to find excuses not to workout, and “no clean sport’s bras” can easily become a reason not to go to your Kickboxing class. Also, if all your workout clothes are clean, laid out, and ready to go, this will make your workouts easy and low stress.


4. Prepare and Freeze Smoothie Bags

Protein shakes and smoothies are a great way to make sure you get enough fruits, vegetables and protein in each day. On the weekends I cut up different fruits for my smoothies, bag them up together and freeze them, so all I have to do is pull out the bag and toss it in the blender with coconut water or almond milk and some protein powder– no messy prep time required. This also makes a great healthy and easy breakfast option as well!


5. Make Infused Water

Staying hydrated during the week is essential for losing weight and staying healthy. Prepare pitchers of delicious infused water that you can drink during the week to curb cravings and stay hydrated. Some of my favorite combinations are cucumber and mint, lemon and strawberry and orange and blueberry. Make a few different options and then alternate throughout the week for delicious and healthy hydration.


Try these tips and GET READY for an amazing healthy week! 

xoxo Your Trainer,


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