8 Surprising Uses for Organic Coconut Oil

8 Surprising Uses for Organic Coconut Oil

After reading this post, you will definitely be convinced to go buy organic virgin coconut oil if you do not already have some in your home! I love discovering new ways to use my favorite natural products, and coconut oil has endless uses both in your kitchen, home and  beauty regimen.

Coconut oil has been controversial for some time because the fat in coconut oil is saturated, which has been linked to high cholesterol. We now know, though, that not all saturated fats are created equal – and coconut oil is high in lauric acid, which actually helps increase your good cholesterol HDL levels. In addition, the medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil are unique and allow coconut oil to be easily digested by the body and used directly for energy! Coconut oil is able to withstand higher levels of heat making it ideal for cooking and baking and it has a delicious taste and texture.

Besides cooking, coconut oil also has many uses as a home and beauty product. Here are my 8 favorite ways to use organic coconut oil that you may not have heard of.

1. Natural Hair Mask

Coconut oil makes an amazing natural hair mask. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, but run your coconut oil jar under the hot water in the shower to melt it. After shampooing, apply coconut oil to wet hair, twist into a bun, let sit for for about 10 minutes and then rinse out.

2. Creamy Body Lotion

Coconut oil is the perfect solution to dry, cracked skin. The creamy texture make it perfect for rubbing into warm skin after you get out of the shower. You will love the tropical scent, and the fact that it is all natural without any artificial fragrances or toxins is a huge added benefit.

3. Leather Cleaner

Use a soft brush to remove any dirt from your leather shoes. Next, apply a small amount of coconut oil and rubbing it into the leather in circular motions. A little goes a long way here – but you will get a nice shine!

4. Tropical Lip Balm

Forget buying endless tubes of chap stick that you inevitably will lose. Keep a small amount of coconut oil in a contact lens case that you can toss into your purse and have on the go. Rub a small amount over your lips to keep them soft and moisturized.

5. Under Eye Cream

If you wake up with puffy eyes, rub a pinch of coconut oil in between your fingers to warm it up, then dab it under your eyes. Fill in lines and disguise dark circles with coconut oil, and avoid paying big bucks for expensive eye creams.


6. Shaving Cream

Hate putting chemical filled shaving cream on your legs? Switch to coconut oil! Warm the jar under the water in your shower, and rub some on your legs before shaving. You will love how smooth and moisturized your legs feel after this!

7. Furniture Polish

Traditional furniture polish uses a large amount of chemicals. Trade-in your store bought brand for a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice that you can use to polish your wood furniture. It will help prolong the life of your wood furniture without harmful toxins.

8. Anti-Frizz Serum

Use a small amount of coconut oil in dry hair to tame fly-aways and unwanted frizz when styling. This will also leave your hair so shiny and soft. Careful to only use a small amount, and keep it on the middle of the hair to the ends.

Give these fun ideas a try and let me know what you think! You can also mix a drop or two of lavender or peppermint oil in with the coconut oil to give it a different scent.

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