Trainer Tip Tuesday: Help Reducing Belly Fat

Help with reducing belly fat is one of the biggest requests I get from clients who come to me for personal training. The fat in the abdominal region can be some of the most stubborn, challenging and frustrating to get rid of!

Stubborn belly fat affects a number of women and men I see of all ages. Especially as we age, our metabolism slows down making it even tougher to lose weight, especially in that area. Our bodies gain and lose fat in a specific way. The first place you gained the weight is the last place you will lose it. (Frustrating I know!) So if you noticed your initial weight gain in the midsection area, then gained a little more in other areas, that “tummy” area will be the last to go! Making it extra difficult to target. Here are a few suggestions:


1. Resistance Training


As we age our bodies lose muscle every year, and this contributes to our metabolism slowing. Make sure that strength training is part of  your workout regimin! Resistance training will help you build and maintain muscle mass which will keep you metabolism going since our metabolism is in our muscles. If you have more muscle, your body will burn more calories even at rest. Remember though we cannot spot reduce fat, and doing a million crunches will not make your body lose fat in that one specific area.


 2. Switch Up your Workouts – add HIIT Training


When you are trying to burn stubborn fat, sometimes you really need to challenge your body in new ways. Maybe this means adding extra walks into your week, trying a spinning class, adding interval runs into your jogs, whatever the case may be try something new to take things up a notch. High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to add intensity and change up your workouts. These workouts have you do exercises at MAXIMUM intensity for short periods of time to kick up your fat burning to another level.


3. Sleep & Hydrate


Sleep is essential to weight loss and health in general. Make sure you are finding ways to get plenty of sleep, about 7-9 hours a night. Hydration is essential as well. Make sure you are getting plenty of water every day. I keep a liter water bottle with me every day and fill it up three times to make sure I have plenty of water every day.


4. Work to Control Stress


Stress increases cortisol levels, which will lead to increased fat being stored by the body. Making sure to keep stress levels under control will help you banish that stubborn fat as well. Some great tips for this is to practice meditative breathing – or do a short guided meditation every day. I have one on my Youtube Channel HERE >>


5. Eat Clean and Green


Cutting out processed, empty foods with no nutritional value, and eating fresh foods especially fruits and vegetables is the best diet there is. Take some time to look at what you eat, clean out a few unhealthy foods, and add in some extra vegetables can go a long way. Pair that with the increased exercise, plenty of sleep, water, and a non-stressful week and you will be on your way to reducing belly fat.


Reducing belly fat can seem impossible but remember to STAY POSITIVE and you will reach your goal! Leave your comments and questions for SummerGirl Fitness below!

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