5 Ways to Detox from the Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday to celebrate with family and friends….however it is also the day we all eat WAY¬†too much and leave our healthy diet and meal plans in the dust. Get back on track today with this plan to detox from your Thanksgiving indulgences . (Don’t feel bad we are ALL in the same boat today!)

1. Lemon Water in the Morning + 3 L Throughout the Day


Start your morning right with a cup of hot water and lemon to help detox your system. Lemon water has lots of incredible health benefits including flushing out toxins and revving up your digestive tract. Throughout the day make sure to stay hydrated by drinking 3 Liters of water. Carry a liter water bottle with you and refill it 3 times throughout the day to make sure you drink enough to help you detox.

2. Avoid Dairy and Starchy Carbs


Dairy and starchy carbs are notorious for increasing bloating, and starchy carbs have few nutritional benefits. Avoid these two food groups and stick to hearty grains, lean proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables to beat the Thanksgiving bloat.

3. Sweat off some calories with HIIT Cardio


The best and most effective way to torch calories is with High Intensity Interval Training where you work for short intervals at maximum intensity. Whether this is on the treadmill running sprints, in a bootcamp circuit class, at the gym or at home – try a circuit style workout to blast maximum calories and rev up your metabolism.

4. Amp up the GREENS


Nothing says detox quite like an abundance of vegetables. Vegetables are our planet’s ULTIMATE superfood – with maximum amounts of nutrients for a small amount of calories, greens are the best way to pack your body with healthy lean nutrients. Fill half your plate with vegetables at every meal to increase your intake especially after the indulgent holidays.

5. Skip the Sugar


We all enjoyed the pumpkin, apple, pecan and chocolate pies yesterday…so today avoid processed and refined sugar. Give your body a break from the intense sugar rush and choose fresh fruit for a dessert. Sugar can also really mess up your glycolse system with high spikes and drops. Stick to foods with low glycemic index to stable out after the holiday.


I hope these tips help you get back on track today. Remember the holidays are all about balance and there is nothing wrong with an indulgence now and then as long as we all get back on track! Happy belated Thanksgiving to you all!


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