No Squats Requited – 5 Minute ULTIMATE Booty Workout

Tone the glutes and BUILD a BOOTY with this 5 minute workout routine – NO SQUATS required! Sculpt and lift the backside using these body weight moves that will make you feel the booty burn. : )

This workout tones the glutes in a short amount of time, for a fast an efficient workout.

To do this workout all you need is a mat and a little bit of space in your living room.

Let me know below in the comments section you how you like this video! You can also do this workout on your own or at the gym by learning each of the 4 moves and doing 25 reps of each on each side. Add this routine to your gym workout or after your next long run.

Comment below with what workout you would like to see next! I love to hear your request for the next SummerGirl Fitness video. Make sure to check out my YOUTUBE Channel for more workouts and fitness advice.


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