Complete Core #2 – Ab Workout

Tone the entire core with this challenging 12 minute AB Workout.

Bikini Bodyweight Sculpt

Sculpt the total body NO equipment required with this cardio beach workout. 

Beach Beauty Workout

Get beach ready with this at home workout!

Booty Blaster

Get the BOOTY you want with this 12 min workout!

Standing ABS Workout

Sculpt sexy ABS – NO Crunches Required – with this 8-min Workout.

Fitness On the Go: Resistance Band Switzerland

Shape Up on the Road with this 10 min Resistance Band Workout! 

5 Minute Guided Meditation

Short meditation to quiet the mind and reduce stress.

No More Trouble Zones Workout

Tone ALL the trouble areas with this 10 minute workout.

Fitness On the Go: Total Body Workout in London

Try this quick 5-min workout filmed in London!

Barre Fitness Workout 

Switch things up with this 38 min Total Body Barre Workout. 

Poolside Pilates Workout 

Slim legs & waistline, tone the booty – strengthen arms & back for strong posture.

Booty Blaster #2

Build that booty with volume #2 of your booty blaster series!

Booty & Abs Kettle Bell Workout

Tone the Booty & Abs with this Kettle Bell Workout! 

Long Lean Legs Workout: Inner/Outer Thighs

Sculpt Long Lean Dancer Legs with this Workout.

Complete Core

Work your entire Core – Abs and Lower back with this 12 min workout. 

WorkingGirl Stretches Routine

Relax after a long work day with this 18 min stretching routine.

Total Body 20

Tone and Sculpt your ENTIRE body with this 20 min Total Body Workout.

Sexy Summer Arms

Shape up your ARMS with this effective 6 min arm routine!