5 Tips to Jump Start a Healthy Week


1. Monday Morning Workout – Set a great tone for your week with a power workout first thing Monday Morning! Start strong and fight the Monday blues with some power moves to kick start your week. Create a killer exercise playlist and listen to your favorite tunes while sweating out any frustration. Set the mindset for a healthy week with a workout first thing.

pliee squat

2. Healthy Grocery Trip – The key to eating healthy throughout the week is planning ahead! Take 15 minutes on the weekend to plan out your healthy meals for the next 7 days. Create a list of everything you need and take a weekend grocery trip to get all the food for your clean meals. Make sure to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and health snacks!


3. Plan a Workout Date – It’s always easier to stick to a workout if you have someone keeping you accountable. Make plans with a friend to go to the gym, attend a yoga class, or go hiking sometime during the week so you already have at least 1 other workout scheduled that you can’t back out of! There are so many great workouts that are super fun, and can be the perfect way to hang out with your friends while staying in shape.

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4. Set a Mantra for the Week – Take time to set 2 simple goals for each week. Think of 1 thing you want to have more of during the week: more positivity, more daily steps, more vegetables in you diet, etc. Then think of 1 thing you want to have less of during the week: less negative thoughts, less processed food, less TV time. Set your intention for the week and then meditate every day for a few minutes about your goals. This powerful practice can be exercise for the mind. Better your mind AND body each week.


5. Sunday “Me Day” – I love to prep for a healthy week with a “me day” on Sunday. Find a free hour Sunday night for some pampering to relax and prepare for your next week. On Sunday I paint my nails, give myself a home facial, wash all my fitness clothes, find all the pairs for my socks and just get organized and mentally ready for the days ahead. Monday always feels way more manageable with everything in order and your nails freshly painted. : )




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