5 Tips for Staying FIT as Summer Turns to Fall

5 Tips for Staying FIT as Summer Turns to Fall

1. Stay Motivated

During summer months it’s easy to exercise outdoors and stay active by running, kayaking or hiking. In fall and winter months, depending on where you live, the outdoors may not be readily available for exercise. This means you may have to get more creative when finding ways to stay active and motivated to exercise. Stock up on your favorite workout DVD’s you can do inside, join a gym for the holiday season, or make a commitment with a friend to attend group exercise classes every week. Make a plan so you will succeed this fall.

2. Track your Weight

In the summer months, with our wardrobes consisting of shorts, bikinis and tank tops it is easy to keep track of our weight, and notice right away when a few pounds have started to creep back on. In the winter months, with bulky sweaters and jackets able to hide weight gain, the pounds can add on without us noticing. Make it a habit to weight your self once a week, always at the same time and track your weight in your phone so you can monitor where you are at and avoid unexpected weight gain.

3. Careful with the Carbs

In the cold fall and winter months our bodies crave rich, comfort food that is often very high in calories. In the summer we eat salads, fish and fresh fruit but in the fall I am always craving carb heavy dishes that are not always that healthy. Stay aware of this and look for lighter versions of your favorite comfort foods. Soup is a great healthy meal that also tastes great during the crisp autumn months. Stock up on healthy fall recipes that taste great, and side step the heavy mac and cheese and twice baked potatoes.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

It is easy to remember to drink water during the summer, when the sun shines constantly and we start to sweat the second the door opens. In cooler months we can forget this and often get dehydrated when we forget to drink water. Also, be careful about drinking too many hot, caffeinated beverages, like coffee, lattes and black tea that actually dehydrate your body. You still need to make sure your get the basic water your body needs every day. I always carry a full water bottle with me and make sure to drink the entire thing are refill it 4 times. You can also track your water intake with a FitBit or My Fitness Pal app to make sure you are getting the right amount each day.

5. Monitor and Reduce Stress

Summer months are usually more relaxing with bright days, planned vacations and a little less stress than usual. With fall and all the holidays looming upon us, stress levels can grow and negatively impact our health. Take some active measures to avoid getting overly stressed this fall. Stress has been linked many times to weight gain as well as other negative healthy factors. Make sure to get enough sleep every night, and rely on natural resources to avoid stress. For 5 ways to naturally reduce stress click here!!

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